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By Baptism we become members of the Church. We are welcomed and claimed for Christ. We are appointed to a People characterised by Worship, Truth and Service.  
We are entrusted with Light and live a new life in Christ. To arrange a Baptism at St Gregory’s, you should obtain an Application for Baptism form. You can obtain the Application Form by attending Mass, and there speaking with either Fr. John Mark or Deacon Jim. Mass times are on our Services Page. To have a child baptised at St Gregory's Church, at least one parent must be a Catholic. The Catholic parent or parents should ideally live in St Gregory's Parish and be registered members of the parish, regularly attending Mass at St Gregory's - either Sunday morning or our Saturday evening Mass. A Catholic parent or parents living outside St Gregory's Parish will need to be already registered as parishioners and be attending Mass at St Gregory's regularly at weekends. Parents who live outside St Gregory's Parish and who do not worship regularly at St Gregory's will be directed to the Parish in which they live. 
Parents will be asked to complete the Application for Baptism form and attend some preparation.The form can be obtained by attending Mass at a weekend and speaking either to Fr. John Mark or Deacon Jim. Godparents must be carefully chosen. It is usual to have a Godmother and a Godfather and they themselves should be practicing Catholics. Someone who is a baptised member of another Christian denomination may be a Christian Witness for the Baptism, as long as there is one Catholic Godparent who regularly attends Mass. Someone who is not a baptised Christian cannot be a Godparent or Christian Witness. We will discuss a date for the Baptism once the Application Form has been returned. A date for the Baptism cannot be arranged until the form has been completed and returned. We ask for a donation of £25 for a Baptism - this is a contribution to the maintenance and mission of St Gregory's Church and Parish. 
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