Masses and other Services 
The Church is closed because of the Corona Virus and there are no public services until further notice. This includes Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. Funeral arrangements can be made in the usual way by contacting the Parish Office 01772 930934 and through your funeral director. A short service can be held with a limited number of people either at the Graveside or the Crematorium. When the present crisis is over, Memorial Masses can be held in the Church for each one who has died during this period. 
Our celebration of First Communion for this year is postponed. Families will be contacted about new arrangements when the time comes 
The information here applies to our usual practice and not to this period of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Please refer to the information on the Sacraments Pages from the Menu on the left of this page 
The Sacrament of Reconciliation 
Individual Confession is available every Saturday at 6pm. There is a Community Celebration of Reconciliation with Sacramental Absolution during Lent and Advent. The Sacrament is also available to anyone who asks at any time. 
Holy Communion for the Sick and Housebound 
Holy Communion is available to those who are sick and/or housebound. Please make contact with the Parish Office, either of the clergy or any Minister of Communion and a suitable arrangement will be made for Holy Communion to be brought to the home of the sick or housebound person. Where possible, for Communion at home, a small table should be prepared and covered with a white cloth. On the table there should be a crucifix and a candle. 
The Anointing of the Sick 
This Sacrament is for any time of more serious sickness – not necessarily involving danger of death. It is appropriate before major surgery and when a person has become frail under the burden of the passing years. Please make contact with the Parish Office, either of the clergy or any Minister of Communion so that an arrangement can be made to receive this Sacrament at home. CLICK HERE to read more about the Sacrament of the Sick 
This is the proper Sacrament for when a person is approaching death. ‘Viaticum’ really means ‘with you on the journey’ and is Holy Communion with prayers for one who is dying. The priest should be called in good time, while the person is still conscious and able to receive communion. 
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