In marriage two people pledge themselves to one another in an unbreakable alliance of total mutual self-giving - a total union of love. It is a love that is not a passing emotion or temporary infatuation, but a responsible and free decision to bind oneself completely, "in good times and in bad," to one's partner.  
It is the unconditional gift of oneself to the other, proclaimed before the eyes of the whole world. It is the pathway to holiness for all members of a family. To arrange a Marriage at St Gregory’s, it is necessary to contact the church not less than six months in advance of the proposed date for the Wedding. One of the parties must be a Catholic and live in the parish of St Gregory. Civil law requires that one of the parties live in the registration district of the church or that St Gregory's is the regular place of worship for the Catholic party. In every case it is necessary that the couple intending to be married register with the Civil Registrar's Office not more than twelve months before the date of the intended wedding. In addition to the fees for Civil registration, there is a fee of £250 for a wedding at St Gregory's - this is a contribution to the maintenance and mission of the Church and Parish of St Gregory. There is also a fee for the Authorised Person and Organist. 
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